My name is E, and I am a Credit Addict

As I lay here, tapping away on the crisp keys of my 0% interest MacBook pro, their illumination reflected in my glossy gel mani (thank you Barclaycard) I begin to look around my room and tot up all of things I’ve bought on credit cards. As I’m sure you can imagine, given the name of this blog, the list is pretty long; So long in fact, I got bored of adding more items.

This is nothing new of course; the second I took delivery of a brand new pair of Kurt Geiger platforms at 18, about to head off to university with no income, I felt the delicious darkness creep over me. Now at 26, having racked up a hefty level of personal debt, the interest payments starting to become substantially larger than they ever have been before, the darkness isn’t quite so delicious, in fact it’s becoming rather suffocating. It has finally begun to dawn on me, that I am a grown up now and these credit card bills are not going to stop arriving of their own accord.

I’ve been toying with the idea of sharing my financial abuse with the world for some time; And in the week that has seen Philips Hammond’s new plans to reduce the UK deficit, it seems as good a time as any.  If they can club together to figure out an, albeit shaky plan to reduce UK national debt, I can figure out how to pay back a measly £10,500.. right?

To introduce myself, I am a 26 year old female, living in an over priced room in London and working (ironically) in the City. Like so many others out there I am attempting (badly) to balance to the cost of London living with paying off debts and eventually saving for a deposit on a home, ideally all before I’m dead.

Even as I’m writing I spot an ASOS email notification pop up, inviting me to take a look at their 20% of Athleisure promotion. Of course I did – and then promptly realised what I was doing and tried to get a handle on myself. The thing is, I’m so good at spending money. 90% of the time I don’t even try and yet somehow I’ve spent more money. Yesterday being a prime example. My housemate and I took a trip to B&Q to buy a window box and some seeds to brighten up our tiny dreary balcony. Plus I figured spending the afternoon in a garden centre for the first time in my adult life would be a much cheaper and more wholesome way to spend a Saturday afternoon than at a bottomless brunch. About an hour and half of excitement later we headed for the checkouts, only to have accidentally spent £82 plus an uber fare home because we had bought so much stuff we couldn’t carry it back on the tube.

So today I say – NO MORE! This marks the first day of my financial mission to get debt free. Join me, my frank honesty and weekly updates to see how I’m getting on. I’m totally open to hearing tips and ideas from any others out there who are in the same boat, whether just starting on their financial journey, or are already half way through. Let’s face it, I could do with some! My first step? Turning off email notifications for shopping websites..

E x

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